Go from Frazzled to Focused with the 

Smart BackOffice™ course.

Create space for your business to grow so that you can stop the stress, scale your business, and strengthen your legacy.

Are you having trouble finding the time to work on your business? Do you often forget to followup? 
This proven system helps you manage your business with one system, the Smart Back Office™, one smart step at a time.

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Here’s what people are saying about this course:


Life Coach

I Built Something that I had been struggling with for some time...

The bonus on using the Smart Back Office™ to target your ideal customer was the easiest I've seen how to do your VIP Customer Sketch.

Wow! Thank you!  


Teacher & Writer

System + Content = I'm Winning!

Module 5 was awesome! Thank you! I’ve been racking my brain about content. This helped tremendously. 


Author & Life Coach

Real Tears after this Course!

I am freaking excited! I learned something I never knew how to do! Melissa, thank you! As my daughter says, I'm a cry baby, soI had tears.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Smart BackOffice™ course !


Expand your marketing reach and give your friends and family a break.

Attract new leads using a powerful content masterpiece that you already have in your hands and is zero-cost. 

Help  leads see themselves benefitting from your product or service using this free tool.


Learn how to track leads so that you can stop losing money due to failure to followup.

This proven system helps you enter your prospects into one system, your Smart Back Office™, one time . 

No more hectic jumps from your website, to your email, then to your cellphone, and finally  to Social Media to track leads.


Learn how to automate your followup so that you convert leads into customers.

The fortune is in the followup right?

If your current method system is too difficult, you're probably not consistently following up.

One and done.

With your Smart Back Office™ we will show you how to set it up one time, the right way. 

About Melissa

I built this course for you. I've been where you are, working a full-time job and while you love it, you want to build something of your own, for your legacy.

If you're struggling to find time to invest into your legacy. this course helps you streamline the necessary so that you can get to solving your clients needs. 

If you're ready to simplify your life with a Smart Back Office™ sign up so that you can stop leaving money on the table!

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