How to Create Space for your business to
grow with a Smart BackOffice™ ,
using low-cost (often free) tools. 

Yes, you can do this even if you're working a Full-Time Job.

Are you having trouble finding the time to work on your business? Failing at followup?
This Course is
Perfect for you if you want to stop leaving money on the table...

  • 1
    This proven system helps you enter your prospects into one system, your Smart Back Office™, one time . No more hectic jumps from the Corporate website, to your email, then to your cellphone, and finally  to Social Media to track leads.  
  • 2
    The fortune is in the followup right?  If your current method system is too difficult, you're probably not consistently following up. With your Smart Back Office™ we will show you how to set it up one time, the right way. One and done.
  • 3
    Attract new leads using a powerful content masterpiece that you already have in your hands. Help your leads see themselves benefitting from your product or service using this free tool.
  • 4
    You've attracted the leads. Now what? Your Smart Back Office™ will help you to continue to build the relationship by focusing on your customer, not your coins. 
  • 5
    Your Smart Back Office™ uses 100% free tools that you are probably already familiar with using. This course helps you to connect the dots and build an easy-to-use system without blowing your startup budget.

Take it at your own pace

Here's What You'll Get

6 Mini-Lessons will walk you through a step-by-step setup of your Smart Back Office™.

You have Lifetime Access to the course materials and you can use it for all of your new income streams in the future.

Download and print The Smart Back Office™ checklists, worksheets, and desk guide help you stay on the right track.

You'll have access to the Media Vault to download course audio & video files.

Bonus: You get two 1-on-1 sessions to customize and review your Smart Back Office™ at the beginning and end of the course. This is our private time to make sure your Smart Back Office™ helps you to do more of the smart things that help your business grow. 

No time for a course?

Get it Done-for-You

Step 1: Discovery Call to learn your flow and how your Smart Back Office™ must serve you.

Step 4: Smart Back Office™ Training Day Step-by-step on how to get the right things done, at the right time, every time. Includes video and checklists

Step 2: Smart Back Office™ Custom Fit Report delivered for review and approval

Step 5: 2-Day Test Drive

Day 1 - Take your Smart Back Office™ on a test drive for two days and write down your wins and your questions. 

Step 3: Our back office experts go to work to build a Smart Back Office™  that supports your flow and business goals.

Final Step: Smart Back Office™ Reveal Day

Congratulations! You now have a custom-fit system made for your business that saves time and creates space for your business to grow consistently and sustainably. 

Don't be Left Behind: Get a Smart Back Office™ Today!

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